Valentine’s behind the scenes!

It was so much fun to gather all this good stuff for a Valentine’s giveaway. Be sure to check out:

Moderne Joel 

Al Christopher

Snail on the Wall

Leslie Lockhart Fine Art


Maison de Papier

Roosevelt & Co

Congratulations to Ashley Mitchell! Call me and we will hook you up!!!



I’m trying to pack up and get all my flowers to Roosevelt &Co! It is the prettiest store in Downtown Huntsville. I love being there- it makes you realize how much is going on in Huntsville! If you pre-ordered, your flowers will be ready and packaged! If you still need flowers, come by and see me. I have extras! I will be there on the 13th from 3pm-7pm and the 14th from 10am- I’m sold out:) You can text me at 256-337-7721 if you want me to hold one for you!

Some behind the scenes! And- a big thank you to Leslie Lockhart for helping me yesterday. She can paint, arrange flowers, and the list goes on and on!

This is my workspace- this is kind of clean. Ha. I do need someone to help me organize. If you are good at things like this- please let me know:) Also- I need IT help. Why does this pic show up sideways on a mobile but not on desktop? I have been trying to fix it for 30min and now am stopping:)



These are a few examples of what I have available!



These are a few examples of what I have available! I LOVE these containers. I will order these again!



IMG_6330 IMG_6331