Interior Styling with Memphis designer Anna Lattimore

I have had a serious case of writer’s block or maybe just a case of enjoying summer. Looking at my long list of topics I want to eventually write about looks kind of daunting. But, this project was not daunting. It was one of the most fun flower projects I have ever gotten to work on. And, to make it even more perfect, a professional took the pictures which is one part of this blog that can stress me out.

Working with  Anna Lattimore  of At Home Interior Design, an interior designer from Memphis, to style a home for a photo shoot, has been a highlight of my summer. Her directions to me were fairly simple- do whatever I wanted! We decided on low and yellowish. These were photographs to highlight Anna’s work, the flowers were suppose to compliment her design elements. Yellow was a perfect color choice to pickup some highlights in the room. It was important for the dining room table arrangement to be low and not overpower(I know, 150 roses not overpowering, ha). With a multitude of colors in this room, monochromatic was chosen to help simplify. The pastel colors, including the outstanding pale coral-or if we must be real, peach,  David Austin Roses made the room ready for the special occasion. The brass container is from a shop in Memphis, Garden District, it is unbelievable. I had container envy at first sight. It ended up being so heavy that I needed some extra muscle to get it in my car and delivered to her house- next time, I will remember this!

 All Photography by Mike Boatman

I stopped by on the day of the photo shoot. It was such a great experience for me to watch a professional photograph a room. Since watching this tedious process, I have really looked at magazines(digital or printed) in a different light. Good photographs make all the difference. There are all kinds of creative people out there and this experience brought several together to make these outstanding pictures.

It was a joy to watch Anna at work. This house is stunning! Mike was a true perfectionist to work with as he was so eager to get the shot that Anna wanted.  As you can see, I think they accomplished what they wanted and a little more.

Looking forward to doing it again!

This picture does not have one single flower in it- but, it happened to be one of my all time favorites!




  1. Amy Harbarger says:

    Amazing work. It’s incredible that one major color can make so much difference. Talented eyes all around!

    • Charlotte says:

      I really like monochromatic things! This was fun to watch it all come together! xo

  2. My favorite is the photo that shows the dining room in the background, taking the whole vision into account. It is lovely, especially seen all together like that! You are so talented.

  3. ❤️

  4. Melissa says:

    These pictures are great!! It’s a beautiful house filled with gorgeous flowers.

  5. Beautiful work, as usual! Your arrangements enhanced each room perfectly.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    seriously gorgeous….flowers ….decor….and photos! I LOVE how it all came together! That last picture is precious…glad Jelly Bean made the post!