Instagram Flower Inspiration

Instagram is full of flower inspiration!

When I started writing Buckets and Blooms, I had great aspirations of writing all of the time. That has not happened. But, what has happened is that I have found myself lost in Instagram-looking for inspiration! In just a few clicks, I might have discovered a flower designer’s adorable child or house renovation and before I know it, I feel invested. So, when I get busy clicking away on flowers, I get lost(and maybe distracted looking at a light fixture or finding a new artist)- but somehow, always make it back.

What I really want to tell you is- MOVE OVER Pinterest- Instagram is here. Instagram is for ‘the creative’ with a short attention span. Or, anyone with a short attention span. It is for the visual. Most of the flower feeds are not using iphone pictures- they are using real cameras. To have these feeds is a lot of work. It’s not always a simple photograph that someone just snapped. Lots of thought and effort has taken place.

I want to give you a head start. These are some of the people I search first when looking for inspiration. From color combinations to containers and much more-there is so much to be discovered on Instagram. This list is not conclusive or in any order. It is just a great starting point for you to search. Don’t be fooled by the number of followers. Some accounts are smaller and still deliver outstanding inspiration- they have just not been discovered by the masses.

So, take a minute or two and find these accounts and follow them. Like their pictures. Don’t be a stealth Instagramer. Like the pictures. Here we go!


Tulipina Design

I went to her workshop( read about it here). Her use of color is unbelievable. And she is LOVELY.


Flower Wild-

Kate Holt. I can not wait to attend one of her workshops. She does not miss a single detail.


Max Gill Design-

Read about the workshop I attended here (with Tulipina) His large arrangements are breathtaking.


The Brides Cafe-

She is always classic with an edge.


Sinclair and Moore-

Well, this is their studio. They have an adorable baby. They use the most lovely subtle color palate. Look at how organized these containers are. I feel like I know Jamie and Steve. You will too when you follow them.


Marks Garden-

This is mostly over the top LA style. Installations that need a cherry picker or maybe even a crane. It is awesome and you will be in awe.


Buffy Hargett Flowers-

Just simply beautiful style.


Snippet and Ink-

Yes, those are raspberries. I love monochromatic.


Tinge Floral-

She is friends with Jamie and Steve. Her style is unstoppable.


Renny and Reed-

New York and Palm Beach. Always beautiful and always current.


Blush Floral Stylist-

Kelly is in New Zealand. She has a unique style that uses mostly subtle colors. WOW.


Charleston Stems-

One of my ALL TIME favorite pictures. You had me at okra and dahlias.


Soil and Stem-

This bouquet. I really don’t have words.


Southern Blooms-

These flowers are moody. These fall colors in this blue and white vase. Perfect mix.




Most of my Instagram followers are 14 year old girls. My daughter and her friends keep me in check with my ratio of following to followers. I don’t think I have the best ratio:)



Who did I miss? Who are your favorites?

Go explore be generous with your likes.


  1. Andrea bell says:

    You missed yours!!! Thanks for another wonderful blog. And your designs are still some of my very favorite!!

  2. So excited to have this list of new peeps to follow! Seriously, that wreath will forever be the game changer. ADORE it-always!!