Dahlias are BLOOMING!

  Dahlias.   What happens when you have a million things to do? Well if you are me,  you decide to write a blog post since you haven’t written one in about 2 years. It’s been on my list (in my brain) every day, but has somehow it has been pushed to the bottom but […]

The Wonders of a Flower Guild

Flower Guild….   I have this great memory of watching my mom build a poinsettia tree. She gathered up all kinds of supplies from our house, including a table that looked similar to this (ha!) to help her build this massive tree. This tree she was creating was at least 20 feet tall ,made out […]

Instagram Flower Inspiration

Instagram is full of flower inspiration! When I started writing Buckets and Blooms, I had great aspirations of writing all of the time. That has not happened. But, what has happened is that I have found myself lost in Instagram-looking for inspiration! In just a few clicks, I might have discovered a flower designer’s adorable […]

Southern Dinner Party with Style at the Home-on-the-Hill!

What a great setting for a fun Southern Summer Party-the home of Andrea and Brent Bell, at the Home-on-the-Hill at Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. Andrea and Brent welcomed 10 guests who purchased this party at Darlington’s  annual fundraiser , the Purple Tie Affair.  Chef James Boyce, ( Cotton Row, Commerce Kitchen, Galley and Garden […]

Interior Styling with Memphis designer Anna Lattimore

I have had a serious case of writer’s block or maybe just a case of enjoying summer. Looking at my long list of topics I want to eventually write about looks kind of daunting. But, this project was not daunting. It was one of the most fun flower projects I have ever gotten to work […]