About Me

I grew up in Anniston, Alabama under the watchful care of a flower loving Mom.  She was always dragging me along to “do” flowers- at the church, helping with a wedding or helping with a party.  Always driving the handy, wood paneled station wagon- every flower lady’s accessory, it could haul things.

After starting out on my church’s flower guild in Huntsville, Alabama, my love for flowers grew.  My obsession with planning, the perfect container, the color combination, ordering the flowers and – all of  the watering, weeding and worrying -all have led me to this point.

When not thinking about my next project, I can be found quoting Friday Night Lights, watching Jimmy Fallon or talking smack about some college football-Roll Tide . If my husband John had his way we might pack up and head out to see some version of the Grateful Dead- but only if there is reserved seating. But, really we are probably at the tennis court or baseball field with our two children- or maybe playing with our adorable Springerdoodle, Willow.

Thanks for reading. And, thanks for overlooking all of my comma splices ,dangling participles, and other grammatical mistakes that I make! Ha!

Let me help you plan your next party, event, or celebration- rehearsal dinner, baby shower…you name it and I’m up for it.

Currently, I am  taking on a limited number of Weddings for 2018.

Send me an email and let’s talk.